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2019 Blog Mississippi/ Tennessee 10/3 to 10/7

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We stayed at the RV park in Mississippi at the Hollywood Casino Tunica. Buffet at Hollywood was terrible, the only good thing was the Cat Fish. There are a bunch of casinos around here, only a few have RV parks. This one has full hook-ups and I know why, most people don’t want be in the middle of nowhere. But on the up side, there are Casinos and there is a golf course nearby and it is close to Memphis.

When we first went thru Memphis, on our way to Tunica, the houses and businesses were really run down and alot boarded up, it was really depressing.

After we had been here a few days we went into Memphis and looked at Graceland but it like everywhere else has turned the attractions into attractions that cost a lot of money and because there are so many people the parking is horrible so we went to Germantown. There were alot of signs I saw on the way, and German food sounded good. It is a beautiful area, with beautiful homes but had a really hard time finding german food (until we left town and had already eaten lunch) so we ate at Perkins. We see Perkins everywhere so finally decided to try it. Rick thought it was probably like Dennys. As it turns out, it is better than Dennys. I had pot roast stroganoff (yummy) Rick had a double patty melt (yummy, too). We left full and happy. As we left Germantown, going a different way, I saw a bunch of german restaurants.

There are cotton Fields everywhere. Some of the Cotton was ready to be harvested, some had been harvested and some the fields had already been plowed. We did see a Crop Duster yesterday and took many pictures. very interesting.

Today we went to the River Park. which is right on the Mississippi River. The park was not what we think of as a park. Since it has been so dry here, the grass we all yellow or dead and the trees pretty bare. We did however see the Mississippi. Now I know why it is called “The Big Muddy”.

The Mississippi River is 2300 miles long, goes through 10 states. The following are stock pictures, shows Mississippi River and what flows into it, and the picture shows how the Missouri flows into the Mississippi

We went out to dinner to SAM’S TOWN TUNICA and the food was better there, when we came out there was a thunder/lightening storm. We love it and then we had alot of rain. We were laying in bed listening to the thunder, then the rain. Heading out tomorrow.

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