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Blog 2019 Oct 13 – Oct 18 Vado, NM. , Willcox Az.,Tempe Az.

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We went from Pecos, Texas to Vado, New Mexico both in the desert, Vado is just past El Paso, Texas. Not a very pretty place if your looking for trees and grass, but the desert has a beauty of it’s own.

Willcox is a very small town, very old, has many shops closed and is in the middle of the desert, but we did stay at an Elks. The Escapees had reserved the place over a year ago, so there were alot of Escapees. Escapees is an RV group like Good Sam, you join and get a discounted amount for your space, anywhere from $5 to $15 per night. We joined Escapees a few weeks ago, we have used their parks two times and are pleased. The KOA’s usually have pools, grass, trees and events/equipment for the kids, but not always,

Tempe Az is near Scottsdale (Tempe Elks is where we stayed) where we wanted to see a friend. His wife and daughter both died recently (we knew the daughter was ill but did not know she had died). We did get together which was really nice, we really like him alot, I miss his wife alot, they were gonna meet us at Niagara Falls, when the daughter got sick and everything with them stopped. They had a boat on the dock we had ours. Every time they came to San Diego we had dinner at least once, he and Rick both like Fillipis. He took us to lunch. it was wonderful seeing him. We both miss him.

Every time we go by a prison announcement sign, it is followed by a sign saying to not pick up hitch-hikers.

Several times we have seen workers working on railroad tracks. Replacing the ties and rail as well as the underlayment. Lot of equipment. The bathroom is at the end.

We are staying here tonight then on to Congress, Az an Escappees park, will let your know how that goes. Congress is a small town after you go thru Wickenberg, don’t let Stephanie tell you anything else.

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