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Blog 2019 Congress, Wickenburg AZ Escapees Oct 18 to Oct 28

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Left Tempe area yesterday (the 18th)and had a really short trip to Congress, Arizona. In Wickenburg a horse town that is a good size city. They have a Safeway, pizza hut, McDonalds among other businesses.

Went to Safeway today, Rick shopped, we tried to get Flu shots but couldn’t. So……we enjoyed our time here, went into Wickenburg several times,

but after a while it is boring. Outside is nice, however we got bit (itch alot) and I saw a mosquito, makes it less enjoyable. On Monday the 28th we are off to Willow Beach.

There was a fire somewhere and the smoke make a really pretty Sunset 10/23. Last night (the 24th) there was a meteor shower, from midnight til about 4am. Rick was awake as was I, but he went out and although he saw one shooting star, came back in and we decided to go out later when there were alot. We went back to sleep and we were gonna get up at 2. However at 2 it was really windy and cold so we did not go out.

Everyone is not as lucky as we are,,,,,, a couple of days ago we saw a truck pulling a trailer had gone off the road and run into a water tank. We saw the truck and trashed trailer, when we went into town today (got gas and a few groceries) took a picture of the damaged water tank.

On to Willow Beach, below Hoover Dam, on the River, more to do there, plus there is wildlife and WATER (Colorado River)! We hope there are no bugs……..

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