Mischievous Mermaid

Salome AZ, Kingman AZ, Quartsite, 9/14 thru 9/31

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Salome was a really nice park, they have a pool which you need where it is really hot, but they closed it then opened it, then closed it, so we quit going to the pool for the pool. We would go about dusk to watch the owls and bats.

We took trips to Quartzsite and a small church for travelers. The church was really cute and interesting place to go. We had a really good trip to Quartzsite. It is in the middle of the desert but there’s a lot of BLM land which is the Bureau of land management that you can camp on I think it’s 14 days at a time there’s no charge you stays or freezer are no facilities but it’s an interesting kind of place in that place is it it’s not paved or anything it and there are fire rings people have built it was kind of fun

Kingman Kingman is a really large city much better than I anticipated there are housing developments all around and there are rocks that are absolutely beautiful, right in peoples backyard it’s really pretty not a place I would like to live because it is the desert and it gets hot but it’s nice place to to be when it’s not hot and there is a pool here at the RV place so it’s kind of fun . There are all the regular stores here are so no matter what you need there’s a hardware stores hardware stores supermarkets and all the conveniences of large city including Walmart.

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