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Willow Beach, AZ 10/1 to 10/9

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We love this place, it is just south of Hoover Dam, Boulder City has a Safeway or Albertsons, so the shopping is easy. But it is hot here, we are changing our spot on 11/1, we like that space better. I finally got my painting stuff out, it was hot but I had to get started sometime. Then….

Rick had a heart attack, but we didn’t know that then, we went into Henderson Hospital and since they decided to keep him, I went a short distance and got a hotel room. Rick kept me updated. They did an angiogram and the cardiologist said that he needed surgery (open heart, told Rick did not need Stents, needed surgery ) and to make those arrangements on Monday.

On Monday he called (we had no phone service or wifi at Willow Beach) Rick was feeling fine and stubborn as can be. When he called the Cardiologists office Monday they said they do not take HMO’s so…….not being rich having the $????.00 and (Rick wanted to have a Kaiser Dr. do the surgery so we headed home, we spent Tuesday night in Barstow, he got ahold of his primary Dr. on Tuesday and after telling him the whole story, he said that as soon as we get home he was to go to Emergency.

So we did that, of course I can’t go in so as soon as I knew they were gonna keep him, I came home. They sent him over to Scripps, where they did another angiogram and put 2 stents in, another artary that was totally blocked, had started growing around the blockage and making a new pathway, so did not need surgery. I picked him up yesterday 10/17, he is feeling good, in fact went for a walk this AM.

We are leaving again on 10/31, the Dr said it’s ok, we will go back to Willow Beach for November, then home for January & February 2021, and if we are healthy enough at least one more year of traveling.

For some reason 2020 is a nasty year (Virus, Hurricanes, Floods, Election, protests, rioting, people saying and doing terrible things and Rick) all the way around. Glad we only have til December 31 and 2020 will be over!

One Reply to “Willow Beach, AZ 10/1 to 10/9”

  1. Jeanne, I’m so sorry to hear about Rick, but I’m so glad he’s doing better. I’ll be praying for the two of you. Safe travels.


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